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Moonwalk and Crossroads Systems

Moonwalk and Crossroads Systems Partner to Offer Efficient Data Management and Archiving

Palo Alto, Calif. – 30 July, 2012 – Moonwalk and Crossroads Systems (NASDAQ: CRDS) today announced a strategic partnership, combining the power of Moonwalk’s award-winning enterprise data management software with the value and performance of Crossroads’ StrongBox® archive solution.

Moonwalk and Crossroads customers can now seamlessly migrate unstructured data from file servers and NAS appliances to the StrongBox platform. The solution ensures seamless storage scalability and cost efficiency across the enterprise and provides customers with a long-term solution to the challenges of data retention. 

Moonwalk’s software delivers file system metadata-level precision for file data. It proactively migrates, copies and moves data according to user-defined rules and policies based on criteria such as age, size, file type, file name, file creator and many more. Its stateless architecture requires no additional overhead and is transparent to users and applications, with no introduced points of potential failure to ensure maximum performance and availability. 

StrongBox is a non-proprietary, file-based and fully portable storage solution for long- term data retention. The enterprise-level solution leverages Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, combining the unparalleled scalability of tape with the speed and accessibility of disk. StrongBox is the industry’s most cost-effective answer to ever-growing data storage requirements, seamlessly scaling for today while future-proofing for tomorrow.

"The StrongBox platform provides customers with the ability to efficiently manage long term file data storage," said David Cerf, executive vice president of business and corporate development at Crossroads. "Our Partnership with Moonwalk provides customers with the operational efficiency of StrongBox - with the power of Moonwalk’s data management software.”

“Enterprises now have access to an affordable and future-proof data management solution, leveraging the advantages of Crossroads’ StrongBox, significantly reducing the total cost of storage ownership,” said Michael Harvey, vice president of business development at Moonwalk North America.

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