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QStar Technologies Plugs in Moonwalk

Moonwalk Universal today announced that it has finalized an agreement with QStar Technologies.

Palo Alto, California - 20 May, 2010 – Moonwalk Universal today announced that it has finalized an agreement with QStar Technologies. Under the agreement, the Moonwalk technology has been implemented to manage the migration of files for Windows and NetApp environments.

QStar is one of many leading technology vendors who have discovered the power and ease of delivering end to end storage solutions by coupling the Moonwalk software with their own product offerings. This provides complete file archive systems that serve as an alternative to costly Tier 1 storage infrastructure.

Moonwalk enables users to easily and inexpensively interconnect with their own systems to provide intelligent and proactive migration of data between storage tiers. This helps customers reduce the total cost of ownership and improve governance, while retaining immediate access to all business-critical data. These total solutions provide unrivaled scalability without the cost and complexity of middleware. No data funneling, no new single points of failure and no interrupts in the data access path mean that performance is further improved.

“This relationship with QStar further extends Moonwalk’s footprint in key industry sectors.” said Peter Shambora, Executive Vice President of Moonwalk North America. “QStar can now provide its customers with an additional immediate turnkey solution for managing the migration, copying and movement of data and enables them to minimize expenditure by storing data on the QStar 3-2-1 Archive. An increasing number of vendors have chosen Moonwalk as an integral component of their storage offerings and this is testament to the value proposition we bring into play” he said.

According to David Thomson, QStar Senior VP Sales and Marketing, “Moonwalk is very easy to integrate with our range of data management and storage solutions, and the fact that it is effectively a plug-in file mover technology allows us to rapidly go to market with a new total end to end solution for our customers.

QStar’s philosophy is about storing archive class data on the most appropriate technology for performance, security and cost. Moonwalk allows QStar to easily migrate data into the archive, allowing additional free-space to be created on expensive primary disk storage and at the same time, allowing users to continue to have complete access to ALL their data.”

Moonwalk operates across major file systems, including Windows, NFS, Linux, Novell and NetApp. Its stateless architecture requires no additional overhead and is completely transparent to users and applications.

About QStar

QStar Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise class archive, data management and disaster prevention software and solutions. QStar's solutions employ the 3-2-1 Archiving and Data Protection Best Practice, endorsed by leading storage analysts, which creates a solid foundation for a robust archive architecture without demanding proprietary hardware or infrastructure. Established in 1987, the world's leading companies rely on QStar for secure, cost effective and reliable storage protection of their valuable digital assets. Visit, for more information.