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Cap primary storage with moonwalk and an object store – a great data management solution

In light of the current growth rate of data and the challenge associated with storing, managing and preserving unstructured files, the discussion regarding provisioning of storage and file management can become blurred.

For example, when someone states that their organisation has 1000 Terabytes of data that needs to be stored and managed, the prevailing thinking has often centred upon the need to have 1000 Terabytes of files residing in some kind of active storage array – and of course with all the associated costs of doing so.

On further examination of usage patterns, however, the actual requirement is often very different. If one can believe the statistics being presented by the various analysts, only a very small percentage of the data is actually ever used again after the initial creation. The numbers consistently being presented suggest that the ‘small percentage’ is somewhere around 15% of files.

From analyses carried out in various customer sites over a number of years we would suggest that in many cases, even the number of 15% could be somewhat of an over statement, however, let’s assume that is the case.

Of course the catch with data management is that various compliance laws and business policies dictate that much of the dataset cannot be deleted for years, decades or even forever (whatever that means) – so deletion is usually out of the question.

Returning to our 1000 Terabyte example, these statistics would suggest that the primary storage needs to cater for significantly less than 1000 Terabytes, and that a multi-tiered storage environment is a cost effective and intelligent approach to meet both the operational and archive needs of the organisation – and key components for the execution of a multi-tiered storage environment are the data mover, or HSM, and the Object Store.

The advent of the Object Store has revolutionised the business of multi-tiered storage, with the well implemented Object Store providing the necessary accessibility, scalability and data security at a fraction of the cost using the more traditional approach.

In like manner, Moonwalk has revolutionised the business of HSM.

With sheer volume of new data, the existing HSM products are being pushed to breaking point due to underlying architectures that require significant amounts of enabling middleware.

Moonwalk requires no such introduced technology layer. It delivers immediate cost benefits due to its ease of implementation and operation, and perhaps most importantly, Moonwalk scales to meet your ongoing data demands – whatever the future holds.

The various flavours of the Moonwalk/Object Store solution are being rolled out globally across a wide range of user types, including Police/Security, Engineering, Government, Research, Resource Services and Education.

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About Moonwalk

Moonwalk’s enterprise data management software delivers metadata-level precision for all information on network storage, servers and clients, proactively migrating data according to user-defined rules and policies based on file metadata. Moonwalk operates across and between the major file systems and supports most primary and secondary storage environments. Its stateless architecture imposes no additional overhead, is completely transparent to users and applications, and introduces no additional points of potential failure thus ensuring maximum performance and availability.