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Moonwalk Announces In-Cloud Storage Tiering for Amazon

Today Moonwalk announced Storage Tiering for Amazon Web Services’ EC2, further extending its commitment to cloud support and capability enhancement.

"Customers have been using the power of Moonwalk to tier their unstructured data from on-premises Primary Storage to AWS EC2 and S3" said Michael Harvey, VP of Business Development, Moonwalk. "Now, EC2 users can seamlessly and automatically tier older or less important files from their attached AWS Elastic Block Storage volumes to much less expensive and far more scalable S3 and S3 reduced redundancy." He said

“Moonwalk's patented, award-winning technology requires no databases, no indexes and no middleware of any kind, giving our customers massive scale-out capability. Moonwalk can go where other products fear to tread."

"With Moonwalk, migrated files will still appear to exist on the EC2 Host-attached EBS volume, when in fact the content is stored on S3. When users or applications attempt to read these files, the content is immediately and automatically streamed back over Amazon's lightning-fast network."

"This strategy greatly reduces the cost of cloud storage while increasing the storage addressability of EBS volumes, saving time, reducing complexity and reducing costs".