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Moonwalk Universal Launches Comprehensive Support for NetApp Cluster Mode

July 2015– Moonwalk Universal announces the launch of Moonwalk 9.3.  This major release extends the footprint of supported platforms and dramatically accelerates overall performance.

Support for NetApp Cluster Mode

A powerful new capability of Moonwalk 9.3 is support for NetApp ONTAP 8 cluster mode. This is big news to the NetApp user community, many of whom require data management capabilities across both ONTAP 7 and ONTAP 8 cluster mode.

The cluster mode release will ensure that NetApp customers continue to maximize the return on investment in their platform of choice by effectively managing those ever increasing amounts of data residing on their NetApp infrastructure.

As a leading storage platform, NetApp platforms are widely used in the most rigorous data environments by some of the world’s largest organizations. Moonwalk’s stateless architecture and native NetApp integration provide such customers a massive scale-out, virtually unlimited solution for managing their unstructured datasets.

Moonwalk archive operations significantly reduce the amount of primary storage as datasets are automatically and transparently archived to tiers of less-expensive storage for longer retention.

Moonwalk is a game changing solution, particularly for large customers that need to take charge of the data management issue, but at the same time, are reluctant to be lumbered with that ongoing burden of an additional layer of technology required to implement a data management framework.

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