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Moonwalk Universal Releases Moonwalk 10.0

April 2016 – Moonwalk Universal announces the launch of Moonwalk 10.0.  This major release continues to extend the footprint and capability of supported platforms and features.

Support for Microsoft Azure Storage

Support for Microsoft Azure Storage further extends the portfolio of Cloud coverage available to Moonwalk customers. This capability completes the Moonwalk offering for those organisations with a strategic commitment to a Microsoft ecosystem and also provides all customers with yet another platform to consider when evaluating their Cloud Storage options.

Moonwalk 10.0 reflects a growing trend identifying Moonwalk as the brand-agnostic data mover of choice by an increasing number of leaders in data management.

This release further enhances Moonwalk’s integration with the Hitachi Systems’ HCP by the addition of support for mutable objects.

Intuitive User Interface

Updates to the Administration user interface provide customers with greater visibility, usability and functionality with additional and enhanced reporting, logging and statistics.

System management and monitoring has never been easier.

Out-of-the-box archive operations significantly reduce the amount of primary storage as datasets are automatically and transparently archived to tiers of less-expensive storage for longer retention.

Moonwalk remains a game changing solution; particularly for larger enterprises needed to optimize their storage costs, but wish to avoid the ongoing burden of an additional layer of technology required to implement a data management framework.

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About Moonwalk

Moonwalk develops the all-inclusive data management and protection software for major operating systems, storage platforms and the cloud. Moonwalk can be found in banking, healthcare, manufacturing, government, research and other key industries.