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Moonwalk Universal Releases Moonwalk 11.0

December 2016 – Moonwalk Universal announces the launch of Moonwalk 11.0.  This major release extends the footprint of supported platforms and advanced file system features.

Support for Microsoft ReFS and DFS-R

Support for Microsoft ReFS DFS-R further extends the portfolio of Microsoft file system and advanced file server capabilities available to Moonwalk customers. Up to now, organizations using ReFS and DFS-R have found a very limited number of data management solutions that will fully support these technologies.

These new features complete the Moonwalk offering for users with a strategic commitment to a Microsoft ecosystem and provides all customers with wider platform options when evaluating their advanced file system options.

S3 Transfer Acceleration and Infrequent Access Storage Class

Moonwalk continues to support and enhance the object storage services offered by Amazon Web Services. With new support for S3 Transfer Acceleration, Moonwalk customers can enjoy greater performance when writing datasets to AWS S3 and S3RR.

Moonwalk’s new support for S3 Infrequent Access Storage means customers can save even more on their storage cost by automatically moving their cold S3 datasets to less expensive S3 buckets.

Moonwalk remains a game changing solution; particularly for larger enterprises needed to optimize their storage costs, but wish to avoid the ongoing burden of an additional layer of technology required to implement a data management framework.

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About Moonwalk

Moonwalk develops the all-inclusive data management and protection software for major operating systems, storage platforms and the cloud. Moonwalk can be found in banking, healthcare, manufacturing, government, research and other key industries.