Product Overview

Compelling ROI

Increases in the disk capacity and substantial decreases in the cost per terabyte has lead to a proliferation of storage devices across the enterprise landscape.

Data consumption and data retention is also increasing at a seemingly never ending rate. The management overhead of such issues continues to be a costly and complex task.

The solution to this challenge cannot simply be to continue to deploy more and more storage.

The efficient and cost effective use of storage infrastructure requires the right balance of software, hardware and data management policies. 

Such an approach should enable the intelligent and proactive allocation, retention and transparent relocation of data throughout the storage environment.

Moonwalk™ automates and intelligently manages the migration of data from File Systems to additional storage tiers within the corporate infrastructure. Moonwalk™ is network-aware, enabling data management by project, location, user, group, size, name and time. 

The implementation of an Enterprise Data Management strategy provides a great deal of value. Costs such as hardware expenditure, media expenditure, support and administrative personnel can be significantly reduced.           

The savings realised in primary disk alone can justify the implementation of Moonwalk™. Instead of continually buying more high performance storage, Moonwalk™ allows organisations to cap expenditure on costly primary storage and introduce less expensive storage for data retention and archive.

Rather than spending even more money on growing the SAN, NAS or expensive DAS, organisations can invest in alternative storage technologies and apply Moonwalk™ to seamlessly integrate the infrastructure.

Assuming that at least 50% of current primary storage can be immediately released, it is easy to recognise the value of Moonwalk™. A 50% reduction in primary storage affects a 50% reduction in the backup window. This produces a 50% reduction in backup storage and media expenditure.

Support hours will also reduce significantly. Perhaps the greatest cost saving of the Moonwalk™ technology is the capping of primary storage expenditure. 

Given that Moonwalk™ can release at least 50% of current primary storage and will continue to relocate lesser used files to cheaper storage, the life of current primary storage will be extended by many more years.

Moonwalk customers enjoy  a substantial cap on primary storage expenditure, some by up to 4 years. For some organisations, this can equate to millions of dollars.

For all organisations, this means real savings -  Immediate and long term.


  • Proactively automates the process of storage optimization using migration policies
  • Immediately releases primary storage consumption
  • Immediately reduces load on servers and storage devices
  • Immediately reduces the duration and volume of backup operations
  • Immediately reduces network bandwidth consumption
  • Introduces no additional overhead
  • Ensures hardware upgrades are required less frequently
  • Places a cap on expensive primary storage upgrades


Moonwalk™ includes features that help manage and optimise the retention and archiving of data. They include:

  • Flexible rules that permit customers to create policies that determine which files will be migrated
  • A DR tool that enables the complete recreation of stub files in the event of data loss
  • Scheduling control to ensure migration activity does not compete with existing processes