Product Overview

Data Analysis

The implementation of an Enterprise Data Management system requires an understanding of the corporate dataset. 

Moonwalk™ provides a file system analysis tool that operates as a special policy. Once configured, the Moonwalk™ policy gathers all relevant information for the data profile provided. Initial execution provides a detailed view of the corporate dataset.

This report highlights key areas where Moonwalk™ can deliver the most value by: 

  • Migrating old files
  • Migrating lesser-used files
  • Migrating very large files
  • The Removal or Quarantine of unwanted files
  • Restructuring directories based on Data Management policies

 This information is used to create the first Moonwalk™ policies.  Executed in Simulation-mode, the results of the Moonwalk™ policies are fully displayed before being deployed into production, removing the risks of guesswork.

Policies can be fine-tuned until they yield the desired outcome.

Over time, reporting policies and the Moonwalk Simulator provide a mechanism for storage optimization and continual data management improvement.