Product Overview

Immediate Benefits

Moonwalk™ makes it easy to manage complex data relationships across your environment – interdepartmental, interoffice, Interstate or across the globe.

Better Governance

Enterprise managers may know what data must be kept to meet regulations pertaining to their particular industry, but keeping it, and getting timely access can be another matter. Furthermore, as legislation evolves, data must be retained for longer and longer periods of time. Moonwalk™ provides a means to articulate how files will be managed and to enforce those policies from a single point in the enterprise, safe in the knowledge that the data will be treated accordingly.

With centrally managed policies, governance is drastically improved. Rapid data retrieval also makes it easier to meet regulatory obligations, which makes for greater peace of mind for CEOs, CFOs and CIOs alike.

Greater Control

The ability to deploy centrally managed business rules throughout the Enterprise enables customers to determine a set of policies for file management, to quickly modify those rules to meet evolving business drivers, and be certain that those policies will be transparently enforced.

Greater Efficiency

Moonwalk™ is a non-disruptive technology operating across the storage environment – introducing no single points of failure. Data management is carried out by administrators from a single Policy Server, with rules for execution being deployed proactively throughout the storage network.

Distributed execution of migration tasks ensures that data is moved by the most direct route and avoids the reliance on a data management or funneling server.

More Value

The value of the data resident on storage is of much greater value to the business than the intrinsic value of the storage infrastructure. Ironically, the emphasis of effort and investment has largely been towards the management of storage and not the data.

Moonwalk™ provides a framework to assist in determining the true value of data and enforcing the day to day management of the data according to that value judgment. By developing a technology strategy synchronized with the data values, companies can control costs by allocating investment more according to protection of critical information and less towards lower value data.

More Money

Moonwalk™ saves money on storage infrastructure by allowing customers to migrate data from expensive platform-captive primary storage volumes to less expensive secondary tiers, object storage and cloud services.

For too long the true cost of data acquisition has been swept under the carpet. Users often aren’t even aware of the issues they’re creating as they amass files. In most cases, they would have no idea of the human resources that have to be allocated to manage data or the infrastructure involved in accommodating increasingly large file volumes.

Tests across a number of different business environments have consistently shown that there was an immediate reduction of unstructured data on primary disk space – conservatively 50%, together with a significant reduction in time required to manage and store this data.

More Time

It’s generally accepted across the industry that IT personnel can spend at least 50% of their time shovelling data around. With Moonwalk™, staff is freed from this tedious daily chore and has more time to focus on profitable activities within the business.

Investment Protection

We can't use a crystal ball...but Moonwalk™ can underpin data management practices that will ensure your enterprise is well positioned to take full advantage of new and emerging storage technologies.

The powerful, centrally managed policy engine allows companies to respond dynamically and globally to changes in the business environment. By implementing a data management strategy embodying deliberate placement of data based upon value, the enterprise will be set on a continuum of best practice, efficiency and cost minimization.

Massive Scalability

Traditional Data Management systems introduce a new layer of technology. Along with this layer, come the associated management headaches, extra costs and risks.

With Moonwalk™ there is no introduced layer of technology – and no introduced points of failure within the system. All data access occurs within the network, and if you remove the Moonwalk™ policy engine from the equation, 100% of data remains accessible.

Moonwalk™ offers complete flexibility, allowing IT staff to build everything from simple to complex policies for data management.