Moonwalk is a patented* software technology for the implementation and execution of data management policies that reflect the specific requirements of any organization.

Moonwalk allows file data to be managed by any attribute, making complex rules easier to express in simple business policies, allowing for easier archiving, faster retrieval, and most importantly, the ability to dramatically reduce the total cost of storage ownership.

Moonwalk is a sociable, non-disruptive technology with no introduced points of failure or scalability limitations. Moonwalk’s architecture minimizes network congestion and computing and storage resource consumption.

* US patent no: US 9,671,976  B2

Key Features

  • Automates the process of archiving, moving, copying or deleting files
  • Schedules control to ensure operational activity does not compete with existing processes
  • Supports flexible rules that permit users to create policies that determine which files will be archived, moved, copied or deleted
  • Provides a single point from which the policies can be defined and executed
  • Implements a distributed execution framework
  • Runs on a wide variety of enterprise storage platforms
  • Requires a very small footprint in the environment
  • Simulates operations to help administrators fine-tune rules for optimum results and storage savings, and to confirm that policies will function as intended
  • Enables recovery of archived files in the event of a disaster

Centralized Management

AdminCenter, the Moonwalk management interface, is a light-weight web application.

As a single point of management, AdminCenter ensures that all policies, rules, tasks and storage definitions are centralized for simple administration.

When a task is executed, AdminCenter distributes instructions across the network such that each file server participating in the operation localizes its workload.

This distributed execution architecture enables Moonwalk to scale proportionally.

With no middleware, databases or centralized cache, file operations are source-to-target in a single operation.

Without the introduction of single points of failure or scalability limitations, Moonwalk is a unique file management technology for the Enterprise.