Compelling ROI

Increases in storage capacity and substantial decreases in cost per terabyte have led to a proliferation of storage devices across the enterprise.

Data consumption and data retention is also increasing at a seemingly never-ending rate.

The management overhead of these issues continues to be a costly and complex task and the solution to this challenge cannot simply be to continue to buy more storage.

By automating and intelligently managing the mobility of data from file systems to additional storage tiers within the corporate infrastructure or a cloud service, the cost savings realized in primary storage alone can justify the cost of a Moonwalk implementation.

If the additional costs associated with hardware maintenance, media expenditure, support and administrative personnel are also taken into account, the ROI is even more compelling.

Assuming that at least 50% of current primary storage can be immediately released, it is easy to see the value of Moonwalk. A 50% reduction in primary storage affects a 50% reduction in the backup window. This produces a 50% reduction in backup storage and media expenditure.

One of the greatest cost-saving features of Moonwalk is the capping of primary storage. 

Moonwalk can release well over 50% of current primary storage and will continue to relocate lesser-used files to cheaper storage, extending the life of current primary storage significantly.

Delivering a rapid ROI, Moonwalk immediately:

  • caps primary storage expenditure
  • automates time-consuming data management operations
  • reduces primary storage consumption
  • reduces costly load on servers and storage devices
  • reduces backup costs