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Efficiently manage your storage assets with tiered storage and migration of less frequently used data

Are you looking to successfully manage file sprawl while also reducing complexity in your IT environment? Do you have too many storage devices in your organization? Is this becoming a costly and complex issue for you? If so, Dell has created an intelligent file archive infrastructure solution to address your needs.

An efficient and cost-effective use of storage infrastructure requires the right balance of software, hardware and file management policies. The “Data Director” solution — built on Dell’s FluidFS scale-out NAS Storage Platform and Dell’s Data Director software — can help enable the intelligent and proactive allocation, retention and transparent relocation of data throughout your storage environment.

The Dell PowerVault Data Director solution can deliver an intelligent and high performance data management solution for heterogeneous storage management across your enterprise. With so much storage capacity on expensive primary storage being used by files that are rarely accessed, it simply makes good sense to migrate old data. The Data Director solution is designed to provide the ability to seamlessly migrate files from expensive primary storage to cost-effective storage clusters without impacting applications or your enduser community.

Dell Data Director Enterprise Data Management

Dell Data Director’s peer-to-peer streaming technology and out-of-band command and control system allows for virtually unlimited scalability. As more storage and more hosts are added to your infrastructure, Data Director enables these data sources to fully participate in the policy domain. Data Director’s shared nothing approach and parallel operation means that the workload profile for each of your servers will not change with the addition of other servers.

Without additional layers, indexes, appliances or databases, Data Director provides a point-to-point steaming capability across storage devices. Your data is not stored-then-forwarded; instead, it is streamed directly from the source to the Dell FluidFS scale-out NAS storage. Data Director also provides ‘self-serve’ data reacquisition, in which archived files are restored transparently and automatically directed from the FluidFS scale-out NAS storage back to the source storage. The Data Director Policy Server plays no part in data reacquisition and therefore does not inhibit storage performance.

Data Director automates and intelligently manages the migration of your data from primary storage to additional tiers within your corporate storage infrastructure. Data Director is network-aware, enabling data management by project, location, user, group, size, name and time. Organizations can define, allocate and optimize the storage infrastructure using policies while providing the ability to help reduce the total cost of ownership through the use of lower cost tiered storage for less used data. Data remains safe and immediately accessible. Data Director serves as a single tool to manage the migration of data while automatically migrating lesser used files among storage tiers and transparently retrieving them upon request. A comprehensive solution for your data management needs.

Dell PowerVault Data Mover Solution built on the FluidFS scale-out NAS Storage Platform and Data Director Software

  • Provides a cost-effective and scalable solution for your data management needs
  • Immediately relocates your data from existing storage to FluidFS scale-out NAS storage
  • Automatically protects and retains your data using pre-defined policies
  • Manage Disaster Recovery through policy based rules allowing for data resiliency
  • Offers policy-based data archiving from expensive primary storage to cost-effective FluidFS scale-out NAS storage
  • Enables transparent restoration of archived data
  • Allows for savings in your backup cycle, media expenditure with the ability to reduce your backup window, and network bandwidth consumption.

FluidFS scale-out NAS

  • Achieve up to 494,000 SPEC OPS with a true scale-out architecture that helps drive better performance at approximately one-third the price of the current market leader.1
  • Scale performance linearly as your FS8600 system grows by transparently adding nodes and automatically load balancing.
  • Optimize stability and concurrent connection scalability with enhanced protocol support (SMB 2.1, NFS v4).
  • Add flexibility with a 10Gb iSCSI backend connectivity option to the Storage Center array.

For more details on FluidFS scale out NAS, check out the Dell FS8600 web page.

Services to help find the right solution

Dell IT Consulting Services can collaboratively work with you to determine a blueprint that fits your requirements through a catalog of well-defined engagements, including best practice data archiving design.